3 Piece DARK ROCA - Caddy of 12

3 Piece DARK ROCA - Caddy of 12


These displays are a great way to welcome customers or coworkers. A great impulse item for businesses. Perfect for front end displays.

About the Product

  • 12/3 piece DARK ROCA® individually wrapped in foil and sealed in a film pouch for freshness.

  • Buttercrunch toffee center with almonds, covered in a rich blend of cocoa butter and dark chocolate.

  • Ships in display ready caddies.

  • Caddy Dimensions in inches: H: 3.375 x W: 3.375 x D: 9.25

  • Caddy Weight in pounds: 1.3

DARK ROCA® Buttercrunch adds rich cocoa butter and Dark Chocolate from carefully selected cocoa beans to our ROCA® center. Each bite blends buttery toffee crunch with rich, luxurious chocolate.

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