Frequently Asked Questions


 Where can I buy ROCA®?

  • You can find all flavors of ROCA® Buttercrunch here, on our website. All of our ROCA® flavors can also be purchased at retailers across the country. To find a store near you, visit our Domestic Retailers (link to Where to Buy – Domestic Page) page. 

Where can I buy MOUNTAIN® Bars?

  • MOUNTAIN® Bars can always be purchased here, on our website. You can also find them at our Factory store located in Tacoma, Washington, at or Outlet store located in Fife, Washington and in some Washington and Oregon Walgreen’s, Walmart and Bartell Drug’s locations.

Where can I buy ALMOND ROCA® Cream?

  • We no longer produce ALMOND ROCA® Cream.

 Do you offer factory tours?

  • We are no longer able to offer tours of our candy factory. However, you can now get a behind the scenes look inside our factory at our YouTube channel. Check it out!

Where is ROCA® made?

  • All ROCA® Buttercrunch pieces and MOUNTAIN® Bars are made exclusively in our one and only factory, located in Tacoma, WA.

 How can I purchase mishaps/seconds?

  • Factory seconds can be purchased at our Factory store, located in Tacoma Washington and our Outlet store, located in Fife Washington.